Benefits of On-Site Panel RollformingNovember 30, 2022

What is on-site rollforming?

Onsite rollforming is the process of using a portable rollforming machine to create metal roofing panels. A coil of metal, such as steel, goes through several rollers that form it into panels. These panels can be designed into any desired metal shape. Onsite rollforming gives the contractor the flexibility to either store the panels or put them directly on the roof.

In some cases, buying and shipping prefabricated panels isn’t feasible, this is where onsite rollforming machines, such as the Quadro Plus, are beneficial.

• Time-savings

Time is of the essence when replacing a roof or putting a roof on a new structure. Onsite rollforming will eliminate shipping time and unpacking time. Rollforming machines can press a panel in minutes and after a panel is made, it can be installed immediately. Onsite rollforming is forgiving to last-minute changes too.

• Save on shipping (and packing) costs

Onsite rollforming can drastically reduce shipping costs and packing costs, especially if the order is large and oversized. Onsite rollforming also reduces the risk of the panels being damaged during the shipping process.

• On-site rollforming allows for a more weather-tight roof

The panels are rolled onsite, reducing the number of seams on a standing seam roof. Fewer seams make for a more weather-tight roof, decreasing the chance of water damage and leaks. The ability to make longer panels using onsite roll forming also reduces seams on the roof.

• Eco-Friendly

Onsite roll-forming is more eco-friendly than prefabricated panels. Onsite rollforming allows for more precision and reduces wasted materials.

• Residential and commercial use

Onsite rollforming can be used for both residential and commercial projects, especially for projects that require longer metal panels.

Find out more about the Quadro Plus here.

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