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The Material: SentriEdge Edge Metal & Coping

SentriEdge perimeter edge metals are offered in compliance with ANSI SPRI ES-1 test requirements. SentriEdge is available through its premier suppliers and its certified fabricating customer partners. These perimeter edge metal systems utilize premium Sentriclad architectural metal flat sheet to successfully complete the SentriEdge system. Specify SentriEdge perimeter edge metals to secure the roof of your next project and ensure the long-term integrity of the installation. For the desired finished look, Sentriclad offers flashing, trim and edge metals in a variety of substrates, profiles, and finishes. The easy-to-install finishing touches help maintain temperature and create design distinction. SentriEdge perimeter edge metals are ANSI SPRI ES-1 tested and approved and includes:
  • 4″ Face Edge Metal
  • 6″ Face Edge Metal
  • 8″ Face Edge Metal
  • 16″ Coping
  • 20″ Coping
  • 24″ Coping

To order SentriEdge Perimeter Edge Metals, Please Call (877)-495-7663