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The Material: Sentriclad

Sentriclad architectural metal flat sheet and coil is procured to exacting industry standards for both metal substrates and architectural coatings. These materials are available in Galvalume steel and aluminum substrates. Sentriclad is stocked at our branch locations in an array of standard long-life PVDF resin-based colors. Sentriclad allows our fabricating customers the flexibility and economics to complete their projects on schedule and on budget. The Sentriclad family of products is available with a standard long-life finish warranty.

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Sentriclad finish is a premium Kynar 500 coil coating specifically designed to meet the functional and aesthetic requirements of many architectural, industrial and commercial construction applications.

  • Sentriclad finish coating is a 70% Kynar 500® / Hylar 5000® paint finish that is applied to Galvalume (AZ50) steel and 3000 series aluminum on a continuous, reverse roll-coat paint
  • Primary gauges include 24ga Galvalume and .032″, .040″, .050″ and.063″ aluminum
  • Sentriclad’s clean metal lines accent architectural detail from contemporary to classic to rustic
  • The Sentriclad finish carries a 30-year limited warranty