High Wind Zones and Metal RoofingDecember 15, 2022

While there aren’t any roofing materials that are 100% wind resistant, metal roofs are the best option for protecting your home or building against these weather events. 

Metal roofs are installed by interlocking each panel which are attached to the building, increasing performance and resistance to high winds. The Midwest and Great Plains are among the windiest regions of the country, but coastal areas such as Florida often experience catastrophic high wind events such as hurricanes. 

Miami-Dade Testing 

Miami-Dade County subjects metal roofing to some of the most vigorous high wind testing standards. As Florida often experiences the most devastating impacts of hurricanes, the Miami-Dade Building Code was designed to ensure buildings are made to withstand these forces of nature. After Hurricane Andrew, these test requirements were strengthened and continue to be modified to improve performance.

Sentrigard Metal Roofing Systems have identified the state of Florida’s test protocols as the most proactive and stringent testing standards for structural and non-structural metal roofing systems. Sentrigard Panel Assemblies are tested in accordance with the following Florida Test Application Standards (TAS): TAS 100-95 – Test Procedure for Wind and Wind Driven Ran of Discontinuous Roof Systems; TAS 125-03 – Standard Requirements for Metal Roofing Systems. Panel profiles that have passed both test protocols are listed for use in High-Velocity Hurricane Zones. Sentrigard Metal Roofing Systems is Miami-Dade County Product Control Approved.   

Sentrigard offers Six Miami-Dade County Listed Panel Systems

  • ML100 1” Mechanical Lock Panel 
  • ML150 1 1/2” Mechanical Lock Panel 
  • NS150 Nail Strip Panel 
  • SL100 1” Snap Lock 
  • SL150 1 1/2” Snap Lock Panel 
  • SL175 1 ¾” Snap Lock Panel 
Please contact Roofing Technical Services for more information. 

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