Does Your Metal Roof Need To Be Replaced?

Was your metal roof installed on your roof decades ago? Have you just purchased a home that has a metal roof, but you aren’t sure how old it is or if it needs to be replaced? Although the life expectancy of metal roofing is 50-70 years, there are situations that can change this. For instance, […]

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Testing and Why It Matters

The importance of testing metal roofs cannot be understated. Everyone wants to know that their roof can handle high winds, torrential rain, and heavy snow. Without testing, it would be difficult for homeowners to gain peace of mind. Testing puts accountability in the hands of the manufacturer, eliminating untrustworthy manufacturers from selling low-quality materials.   […]

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Architectural Coatings

Coatings are made of four components: resins, pigments, solvents, and additives. The combination of these, in which the percentage of each varies between coatings, produces various performance capabilities, physical properties, and costs. And while these coatings can make your project stand out from the rest, it adds protection to the metals. Resins are the backbone […]

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10 Reasons Why Metal Roofing Should Be Your Next Choice

If you’re looking to replace your roof or are looking at roofing options for your new home, a metal roof is a more economical choice.   Here are just some of the reasons why a metal roof should be your next choice:   Longevity When properly maintained, metal roofs can last 40-70 years. In that […]

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Metal Roof Maintenance

While metal roofs are mostly maintenance free, there are some simple steps to prolong the life of your metal roof. Additionally, regular maintenance can also prevent scuffing, degradation, corrosion, scratching, and denting, keeping your roof aesthetically pleasing. How often should you perform maintenance on your metal roof? The frequency of roof maintenance is dependent on […]

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