Architectural CoatingsFebruary 9, 2023

Coatings are made of four components: resins, pigments, solvents, and additives. The combination of these, in which the percentage of each varies between coatings, produces various performance capabilities, physical properties, and costs. And while these coatings can make your project stand out from the rest, it adds protection to the metals.

Resins are the backbone of coatings. There are four different kinds of resins; polyester, Siliconized Modified Polyester (SMP), 70% Polyvinylidene Difluoride (PVDF), and Fluoroethylene Vinyl Ether (FEVE). Each comes with its own performance capabilities, such as resistance to scratching, corrosion, moisture, and UV light. Due to the superior qualities of 70% Polyvinylidene Difluoride (PVFD), Sentrigard uses this coating for all Sentriclad Metal.

What is PVDF?

PVDF coatings are Fluropon coatings that contain 70% polyvinylidene difluoride resins. This coating has superior resistance to ultraviolet rays, excellent color retention and consistency, and outstanding adhesion. It can be applied to pretreated substrates including Galvalume, steel, and aluminum. It is available in a wide range of colors. The Sentriclad color chart can be found here.

The Process

Dependent on the desired color characteristics, either a 2- or 3-layer process is required, shown below.

Why does Sentrigard use PVDF coatings?

Along with its superior performance capabilities, PVDF has exceeded ASTM testing standards. “In addition to the testing site in Fort Myers, we carry out extensive research at laboratories across the world. This ensures that our coatings are continually tested in every possible condition, and as a result, they’re formulated to defy fading, chalking, blistering, cracking, marring and gloss degradation” (Sherwin Williams). For more information, please contact your Sentrigard Account Manager or Roofing Technical Services.


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