Does Your Metal Roof Need To Be Replaced?March 9, 2023

Was your metal roof installed on your roof decades ago? Have you just purchased a home that has a metal roof, but you aren’t sure how old it is or if it needs to be replaced?
Although the life expectancy of metal roofing is 50-70 years, there are situations that can change this. For instance, a tree falls on your roof or you have a bad storm that does damage to your roof. Before you decide to replace or not, it’s important that you get your roof inspected by a professional.

Signs that the metal roof needs to be replaced:


Your roof may need to be replaced if you are seeing any of the following warnings signs:

Old Age
If your roof is ~30 years old, it may start showing signs of normal age and deterioration. Have a professional come out to inspect your roof.
Worn Paint
If your metal roof is showing signs of worn paint, it is susceptible to rust and corrosion. The paint used on metal roofing acts as a watertight barrier and protects the metal. To avoid further damage, you should consult with Roofing Technical Services. Sentriclad Metals offers a 35-year coating and finish warranty with regularly scheduled maintenance.
Corrosion and Rust
As mentioned before, any signs of corrosion and rust can make your home or building vulnerable to water damage. Corrosion and rust may also be structurally damaging.
Even the smallest leaks in a metal roof need to be addressed, as they will lead to bigger problems later.
Punctures and Tears
Some punctures or tears can be fixed with caulking, however, extensive damage to a panel may require the panel to be replaced. In extreme cases, the entire roof will need to be replaced.
Storm Damage
Clear off any debris. Look for any visible signs of damage. Its important to note that even if there are no visible signs of damage, you should have it inspected by a professional.
Sagging Roof
While this may seem obvious, if your metal roof is sagging, the severity of this is extreme. A sagging roof means that it’s structurally unsound and has potential framing or building issues.  You should call a professional as soon as possible.

How expensive is it to replace your metal roof?

The cost of replacing your metal roof has multiple variables. The cost depends on the metal, thickness of metal, roof size, slope, and pitch. The median cost for a new metal roof is approximately $10k for an average-sized home. However, the benefits of a metal roof outweigh the cost. Please refer to our blog 10 Reasons Why Metal Roofing Should Be Your Next Choice.

Is it a DIY project?

We can appreciate trying to save money and that feeling of accomplishment after DIY projects. However, unless you have extensive knowledge of metal roofing, leave this one to the professionals. If you need a list of recommended contractors, please consult with our team!   Please contact Roofing Technical Services or your Sentrigard Account Manager for more information.

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