Metal Roof MaintenanceJanuary 4, 2023

While metal roofs are mostly maintenance free, there are some simple steps to prolong the life of your metal roof. Additionally, regular maintenance can also prevent scuffing, degradation, corrosion, scratching, and denting, keeping your roof aesthetically pleasing.

How often should you perform maintenance on your metal roof?

The frequency of roof maintenance is dependent on environmental factors. If the building is surrounded by a lot of trees, it should be cleaned and inspected more frequently than if the building is around few trees. Additionally, if you are subject to harsh weather, maintenance and inspection should be done more often than those in calmer conditions.

What maintenance needs to be done?

Regular topical cleaning should include cleaning out gutters and removing leaves, sticks, branches, and any other debris. These can cause scratching, scuffing, and staining of the metal coating. Standing water and buildup in gutters can cause premature corrosion and bending of gutters and edge metals. It is important to look out for any blemishes in the coating. This can include scratches, chipping, dents, chalking or fading, and scuffs. If there is any visible damage, consider having a consultation with a professional. It is recommended that you have your roof structurally inspected every couple of years, especially after severe weather such as high winds, excessive snow, hail, etc. Make sure to check for missing or loose screws, fasteners, and rivets as well as separating or loose panel seams and flashing materials.

How to clean your roof?

Our PVDF coatings are extremely durable, but periodic cleaning is still recommended to extend the life of your coating and keep it looking newer longer. While a hose and water will most likely do the trick, sometimes a solvent is needed. Please refer to Sherwin Williams for more information.

Things to consider…

If you are not comfortable or do not have experience with roofing, please consult a professional. You should only clean the parts of the roof you can reach from the ground. Safety first! When using solvents, test a small area before applying them to the entire roof. Do not use abrasive materials, such as wool scrubbers or wire brushes, to scrub your metal roof. Never use paint remover. Don’t walk on your roof more than necessary. Please contact Roofing Technical Services for any questions or concerns.

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